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Radio is immortal. It has survived repeated predictions of its demise and grown tremendously earning the status of a constant companion. The proof lies in your FM Station and the increasing number of youngsters wanting to join radio stations.

A few years ago, the arrival of motion pictures with sound and then television were expected to be the funeral of radio. However, radio like Superman was indefatigable. Today radio has earned the status of the most desired new media. It's the medium all want to embrace and it has benefited the listener and the advertiser alike, crossing boundaries to bring people closer and redefining the meaning of a traffic-jam.

In India alone, the FM market will be facing an unprecedented boom, with more than 839 new private radio stations going Live in 227 cities by 2015. To meet up this delivery Industry is about to go shopping for minimum 100,000 professionals.

We are positioned to help Industry, cater to this huge demand with our Academy of Radio & Mobile, the first full-time broadcast school in South Asia with fully equipped premises, recording studios and industry- trained professionals.

Our sole objective is to put the right person at the right place, with 100% job assistance.

With ACADEMY OF RADIO & MOBILE you can ARM yourself to SUCCESS....

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