About ARM

We are South Asia's first broadcast school, designed to train people to fit into various Radio Management roles, whether you want to be an RJ or Program Director, a Producer or Music Manager, all radio dreams lead to ARM. ARM imparts both technical and hand-on experience to participants in every activity related to the broadcasting industry.

We are the Talent Designers.

The present is an exciting and dynamic times to work in the broadcasting industry. It is also a time of enormous change. Whether rank newcomer or an established name, any professional faces exciting challenges and opportunities every day in this highly competitive world of Radio. This, in turn, places a much greater emphasis on the need to possess new skill sets, knowledge and capabilities to remain in the running for a highly successful future. We at ARM help people achieve their dream and ambition with our highly professional and technical guidance. ARM leaves nothing to chance in exploring new talents and in honing that one important skill which will help an individual to stand out.

Other than helping Radio Stations create Radio Stars, ARM's primary objective is to help people talk smarter with our tailor- made Focused Training Modules that fit every individual. We train them with the most advanced, effective and tested techniques under the guidance of highly professional, proficient teachers who are gurus in their respective fields. We at ARM are ready to create Effective Entertainers, Broadcasters and Communicators for today and tomorrow.


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