Become an Android Application Developer and release high-quality apps to the marketplace. Learn about the various stages of development on the Android platform and study topics related to UI, application services, permissions and security, graphics and video resources, data persistence, monitoring tools, mobile app marketing, application hosting and more. Learn from instructors and guest speakers working in the industry.

Key Outcomes
You will acquire advanced development skills to release your own high-quality app to the Android marketplace.

Program Features
>> Hands-on experience in developing, releasing and marketing your own high-quality apps.
>> Flexibility between attending classes online or in the classroom available as needed.
>> Optional course available in marketing your application, business, upgrade management,      monitoring tools and more.
>> Introduction to the Android platform and ecosystem. Installation, configuration and       explanation of the Android SDK.
>> Application design, user experience concerns and debugging.
>> Overview of graphics, audio resources, video resources and Android sensors.
>> Advanced topics including networking, advanced UI, content providers, access to data       services and persistence frameworks.

Who Should Apply
>> Application developers
>> Entrepreneurs looking to develop and publish Android apps

Duration of Courses
>> 3 Months Certificate Course
>> 6 Months Certificate Course (1 Live Project)
>> 12 Months Certificate Course ( 3 Live Project)

Program Features
>> Successful completion of a full-featured Android Platform application, including writing,      development and bringing the application to market.
>> Group work on in-class exercises are the core part of learning.

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