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Mobile is leading the Converge Wave and is seemingly immortal. World has about 6 Billion Cell Phone Users and around 2.3 billion Internet users. Smartphones are leading the wave of convergence where Communication, Information, Entertainment, Shopping, Location and other basic needs of an individual are getting catered on the move.

The newest cell phones are more than a simple phone; one can use the internet, watch video clips, and listen to music and so on. Cellular phone applications progressively have progressed at a fast speed and consequently everyday new cellular technological innovations are getting developed. They are taking the world to more or less a single marketplace.

Developing an application for mobile phones includes a lot of researching the industry. The app developers and designers have to face a number of problems and difficulties to meet the needs of the consumer. The designers also have to make sure that the programs are simple to use. Thus it can be determined that mobile application development has a shiny and potential future ahead.

A recent study has indicated that average person spends 9% more time on mobile apps than browsing the web. Users aren’t just playing games and social networking, they are getting directions, reading the news, watching TV and movies, shopping, banking and, even, working. So it’s no surprise mobile apps are now a must have for just about every company out there. Without mobile access to a company’s information and product, they are not reaching a huge percentage of their customers. So, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are dedicating significant time, budget and resources to hiring IT professionals with specific skill sets in iOS and Android mobile development.

For the IT professionals out there who are interested in adding this skill, it can be a game changer. Not only does it broaden their existing skill set and give them access to more jobs, it also pays as well. According to Dice, a third of developers who have published an iOS app that have made a dollar or more are making significantly higher incomes over all.

We are positioned to help Industry, cater to this huge demand with our Academy of Radio & Mobile, the first full-time broadcast school in South Asia with fully equipped premises, recording studios and industry- trained professionals.
Our sole objective is to put the right person at the right place, with 100% job assistance.
With ACADEMY OF RADIO & MOBILE you can ARM yourself to SUCCESS…

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