Mobile App Development Opportunities

The easiest and most rewarding platform for people to make money.

6 Billion Mobile Phone Users and 2.3 billion Internet Users Worldwide.

7 Lac iOS and 7 Lac Android Applications available on Market places.

10 Thousand New applications are made Live every month on each platform of Android and iOS.

Google’s Mobile Ad Revenue is set to touch $ 4 Billion boosted by the increased spending by brands on Smart Phones and Tablet PC’s through Applications.
Unique Online Distribution Method empowering users to view, experience and download apps anytime, anywhere.

Mobile advertising remains a small portion of the total advertising market, accounting for 2.4 percent of all spending in 2012 compared to 38.9 percent for television. But mobile ad spending will overtake ad spending on radio and newspapers in 2016.

So Come and Become a part of this Emerging Revolution and Guarantee a successful Professional Life for yourself…


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