>> What are the Platforms on which you provide Mobile App Development Training?
Our courses are designed for the following three platforms of Mobile Application Development :
>> Apple iOS
>> Android

>> What is a Mobile Application?
A mobile app i.e. a mobile application is an application developed for mobile phones & smart phones. In simple terms a mobile app is a software program for your phone. These “apps” can be as simple as a basic flashlight application or a dictionary or something complicated like a Google Maps Navigation app. There are mobile apps developed for entertainment like the Facebook & Twitter app (social media networks) or the Angry Birds mobile app (games).

>> Who is a mobile app developer?
A mobile developer is a software engineer or software programmer who can design, develop and test mobile application on one or more mobile operating systems and devices (such as Apple iOS or Google Android).

>> What kind of academic training would I require to become a mobile app developer?
You need to be proficient in a programming language such as C, C++, Objective C for writing applications on Ios (iPhone, iPad) or Java (Android OS). You should understand the basics of UI design and also the basics of application design, development and testing. Once you have the basics then you have to choose what platform and mobile operating system you want to specialize on and focus on it. If you want to become an iPhone & iPad developer you have to learn Objective-C, xCode and Interface Builder on Mac OS-X platform.
If you want to become a Google Android developer you have to be proficient in Java and learn Android development. Android development can be done on Mac OS-X, Windows or Linux environment.

>> What is process of app development?
The first stage will be collecting the requirements from you. We will get them analyzed and let you know the estimation. Once you are fine with the time/cost the next step would be preparing a project understanding document and a proposal. Our business analyst will prepare this and we will send you for your review. Once you finalize these documents we can push the project into the development stage.

>> What programming software, database, tools and language do we use to develop the app?
For iPhone & iPad, we use X-code editor, Objective C, SVN for subversion control, sql lite database.
For Android, we use Eclipse editor, Android SDK, JAVA, sql lite database.

>> What kind of career paths would I be looking at in this field?
As you specialize in the field, you can look at exploring the following career paths:
>>   Mobile UI designer (requires artistic and creative skills).
>>    User Experience and Usability expert (requires understanding of human interaction and ease of use metrics).
>> Applications developer/engineer (requires programming skills), Mobility Architect (requires programming, design and       Architecture skills).

With enterprise mobility being a fast emerging technology area, many IT companies are ramping up their operations and capabilities to effectively meet the mobility needs of their customers. This opens up many career opportunities for those who have the right expertise in this area.
Besides, you can also start working as a free-lancer as a host of websites offer paid projects.

>> What is web services/API?
Mobile application development doesn’t provide remote database connection. If we want to fetch data from the server then we need some alternative using which we can fetch the data. Web service is the way, in which we create the XML/Json file from the database and we can use that XML/Json data into user application.

>> How can I test the application while development?
Once the project is finalised, we divide it into the milestones. After every milestone completion, we provide the build to our clients to test on their devices.

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