ARM Teaching and Training Essentials

ARM believes in a 360 degree approach to education and learning process. We want not only the world to be our playground but its people to be the participants as well! ARM will have a huge gamut of on the job training and Live environment experiences aimed not only at wholesum and overall development but also weaving learning and motivation into it as well.

At the end of the day, the aim here is to get as many people involved with Apps in its various fantastic aspects as possible, be it the Conceptualisation, Quality of programming, Choice of Content, Image designing, Flow finalisation etc, together to work towards common issues, problems and areas of awareness with an element of infotainment.

For this, some interesting and unique modules planned by ARM are:


There’s no point getting elbow-deep in development only to find that you’ve missed your key demographic. Performance for your app, whatever its use, must be taken into as much consideration as how many people you need to reach, and how many platforms they use. Otherwise, your budget will be quickly spread thin maintaining multiple sets of code.


Ideally, every business could afford the time and budget it requires to commission and maintain native apps for every platform. But, much like the first point, designing to your budget, often being able to expand to multiple platforms from the get-go is a more holistic, and realistic, approach.


This should be obvious, but it’s the mantra for every app developer. User experience is paramount. Even if you’re building your app on the slimmest budget and expected to hit every single device on the market, you cannot neglect the users or they will neglect your app.

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