>> Can you tell us something about the booming radio industry?
The FM industry in India is growing at a rapid pace. After the First Phase of FM Licensing 21 channels came up in India. The Second Phase offered a lot more in terms of opportunity and financial viability, with 338 frequencies across 86 cities. It simply meant more than 30,000 jobs in the Radio Industry and a great opportunity for those who dreamt to join.
In the Third Phase of License Ministry of Information and Broacasting, India has decided to issue 839 New Private Radio Station Licenses in 227 cities of India. These licenses will be awarded starting early 2013 to 2015. This means that there are more than 100,000 new jobs will be created in Radio Industry over next two years, thereby throwing up enormous opportunity for professionals to carve out a successful career in Radio Industry.

>> What are the job opportunities in the radio industry?
Enormous, to say the least. There will be jobs in various positions like Radio Jockeying, Music Management, Sound Recording, Copy Writing, Radio Production, Radio Sales and Marketing and other fields.

>> Do these professions need training?
Definitely!  ARM believes in the philosophy that talent can easily be substituted with proper training and hard work. We are well-engaged with eminent professionals from the radio industry, who impart their experiences and knowledge to ARM students.

>> Why ARM?
Imparting training from eminent Radio Professionals and RJ’s , Academy of Radio & Mobile (ARM) is the first full-time broadcast school of its kind in South Asia. It's a 360 degree solution from anything to everything associated with broadcast in its various forms. We provide both theoretical and hands-on practical training to people, required for the successful running of any radio station. Soon, we will be the first Broadcast School to boast of our own community radio, helping our students hone their skills not in a simulated but live studio environment.

>> Is ARM affiliated to any University? Does an affiliation help in getting placement in the industry?
No. University affiliation does not help you in getting a job in the industry. What you really need are professionals who also are active radio practitioners. Not just certificates but great performance under able guidance in right direction work.

>> What are the various courses in radio that you offer?
ARM offers the following courses in radio:
1. Diploma in professional Radio Jockeying and Radio Management 
2. Certificate Course in Sound Recording and Radio Production
3. Certificate course in Radio Jockeying Essentials 
4.Certificate course in Voice Over and Dubbing
5. Certificate Course in FM News Journalism

>> Do you help in getting a placement?
We give 100% Job Assistance*. This translates into 200% support and guidance, 300% information about ANY vacancy anywhere in the radio industry, and 400% preparation details! 
This is because we guide the right person to the right channel for the right job in the Broadcasting field. In short, ARM not only hones the talent but also ensures there are takers for it as well!  
No wonder then, our mission is:

>> If I am an outstation candidate, where do I stay in Delhi?
ARM has short listed some good paying guest (P.G.) accommodation at very reasonable rates for its students of ARM. There are separate PG's for boys and girls. They are located close to the Academy and hence would cut down on the travel time and expense. Apart from these, if the student wishes to stay alone, the Academy will provide full assistance in finalising accommodation.
*Conditions Apply.

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