Internship Support

There are no shortcuts to success.
No doubt,
But then, there is always ARM!

ARM is looking for bright to-be-radio-stars for some leading Radio Stations to start their internship immediately, all over the country. All you have to do is register with ARM online or via a phone call. The rest will be handled by our team of proficient counsellors. Register NOW for Internship at a leading radio station in your city or anywhere else in the country if you have any experience in any of the following:

>> Hosting a radio/Television show.

>> Anchoring a series of school/college functions.

>> Participating in debates/elocutions/public speaking/story telling competition etc at school/college      level.

>> Compering the local Diwali Melas/Fetes/Holi Milan/Durga Pooja/New Year function etc.

>> Planned/designed and executed any local/college event.

>> If your friends call you “BAATOONI”….JOKER…..MASKHARA…

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