ARM Teaching and Training Essentials

ARM believes in a 360 degree approach to education and learning process. We want not only the world to be our playground but its people to be the participants as well! ARM will have a huge gamut of cultural and inter-personal activities aimed not only at simple and pure entertainment but weaving learning and motivation into it as well.

At the end of the day, the aim here is to get as many people involved with radio in its various fantastic aspects as possible, be it the quality of programming, choice of music, radio and society or getting radio from all over the country together to work towards common issues, problems and areas of awareness with an element of infotainment.

For this, the various events planned by ARM are:

ARM Film Club:

In order to encourage the students of ARM to think creatively, every friday there is a film screening within the ARM campus followed by group disccussion. The Kind of films? Well they'd have to be different from mainstream cinema, they could be experimental, could be in other languages (of course with sub titles,) even be documentaries. The idea is to expose the students to different schools of thought/ world cinema/ the best in media.


This trophy will be for the debating champions of various colleges. It will become a part of all the local college festivals in town. ARM will also take it to other national festivals. This will help in ARM's search for the good debator, speaker and orators who will also be offered a discount in some of the certificate courses offered by ARM.


This activity is exclusively for the students of ARM to polish their conversational skills. Different classroom activities will be organised to train them in being a continuous talker with lots of humour and substance.


This activity aims to polish the media vocabulary of the ARM students. It will also provide scientific training to make the best use of your natural voice.
Innovative Lingua Drill will make our students smart enough to play well with the vocabulary of the social fabric where a particular RJ is on air.
It's all about understanding the correct target group.


Here at Academy of Radio & Mobile we are in a constant search for developing cutting edge ways of talent designing and Street Theatre is one of the methodologies used as a medium of inculcating knowledge of Radio in its students. The street theatre is conceptualized, written, scripted and acted by students of ARM under the able guidance of our faculty. Theatre works as a Voice modulation exercise and creativity enhancement for obvious reasons but also is a medium to get rid of inhibitions of public performance.

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